K-9 Angels charity single 'Let's Go Home' for stray dogs.

On location in London to shoot the video for ‘Let’s Go Home’.

This month the K-9 Angels have released a single on i-Tunes to raise money and awareness for the work they do with stray dogs in Romania. Anneka and Victoria had been asking Pola to write something for them for months, but creativity cannot be forced nor faked. When the moment was right, singer/songwriter, Pola, sat at her piano and let the last twelve months of experience pour out of her. She infused it with the full mixture of sadness, hope and triumph that one year of rescuing dogs had filled her heart with.

The song is called ‘Let’s Go Home’ and can be interpreted not only as a song to one rescued dog, but as a vision of how one day the K-9 Angels and organisations like them might finally put an end to dog homelessness. The chorus ‘In this big wide world; I’m holding you now, no matter what they did you’re gonna be fine’ has a hopeful quality about it, a dream of someday these words being true for every stray dog in the world.

The single was recorded in Stockholm, and the video was shot in London. The video features many of the dogs rescued by the K-9 Angels as well as footage from Romanian shelters, as well as dogs the girls picked up off the streets during one of their trips to Bucharest. Romanian ‘Street Angels’ Alexandra and Madalina also feature in the video; these remarkable and selfless women work closely with the K-9 Angels, rescuing and rehoming and being ‘angels on the ground’ out there on the Romanian front-line in the fight against dog abuse. Beverley Hills 90210 star, Ian Zierling, once again lent his support by filming some scenes on a beach in L.A. with his rescue dog, Oscar.

Despite the sprinkling of celebrity glitter stirred into this project, the video has an earthy and organic appeal. As Pola herself said, ‘It was made by good people who simply wanted to help raise awareness and save dogs.’ The video captures that humble intention perfectly. This single and video was made with pure love and is the product of a lot of people’s devotion and commitment. Everyone involved did so free of charge with the sole aim of raising money and awareness for a cause more desperate than most people truly acknowledge or understand. Fittingly, the video ends with this message, and so will I:

’3,000,000 stray dogs in Romania alone. Beaten. Starved. Poisoned. Runover. The difference between life and death…is you.’

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‘Let’s Go Home’ is available for 79p on iTunes now, and absolutely every penny will go towards rescuing the desperate dogs of Romania. Click below to purchase your copy and view the video.