We need you

The K-9 Angels are desperately trying to raise funds to urgently extend their shelter to be able to help the dogs of Breasta ‘shelter’ which is a concentration camp for dogs. Any money raised over the Easter period will be doubled by our secret celebrity, who would like to remain anonymous.

Last year actor, writer and comedian Ricky Gervais showed his support over Twitter and Facebook and shared the K-9 Angels plea to help the dogs of the Odai shelter crisis and dramatically increased the amount of funds raised to help the Odai dogs. Founder Victoria Eisermann says ‘We had initially raised £4,000 but after Ricky’s retweet we had raised over £33,000!!’ The Tweet and Facebook post from Ricky Gervais said ‘OK. That’s The Emmys done. Now back to important stuff. Emergency food & aid for dogs at Odai public shelter.’ With that £33,000 raised for the Odai shelter the K-9 Angels Charity were able to feed 680 dogs for one year, buy them all beds and bowls and sanitation to clean their pens out and employ a worker for a whole year too!

The charity desperately want to make a huge impact like Odai but this time to provide help for the dogs of the Breasta ‘shelter’ who they regularly save dogs from and take to the K-9 Angels/Betaland shelter. However, they already have 135 dogs at their purpose built shelter so urgently need to build another dog house which will house 20-30 lucky dogs.

Victoria continues ‘Our Easter appeal with hopefully enable us to do this and we are so grateful to our secret celebrity for doubling what we raise up to £10,000! Please support our EASTER APPEAL! Our dogs need each and everyone of you to donate just a few pounds… the cost of an Easter egg?!’

Here’s the link to the Easter appeal https://www.youcaring.com/the-dogs-of-breasta-public-shelter-470730