The construction of the second dog house is now completed and lots of happy puppies now live there safe and warm. Thank you to everyone who donated and made this build possible!


The vet facility is now complete and will have quarantine facilities for the many sick dogs pulled from the public shelter as well as puppies that are too young to be vaccinated and therefore need to be kept safe from killer diseases such as distemper and parvo. The second dog house will allow us to keep more dogs safe in our sanctuary while they are found new homes. The buildings be ready in preparation for the bleak Romanian winter. The buildings are insulated, with good drainage and also power. All dogs have their own cosy beds and an outside run, with extra space around the houses for them to stretch their legs in the fields every day. In the Summer the dogs are kept cool, and in the Winter they will be kept warm because of the state of the art buildings. The first pics show the pathways being laid between the buildings and gives us all an idea of just what a beautiful calm and safe haven our shelter is for the dogs.


We desperately want to build a 3rd dog house ASAP that would house 20-30 dogs please donate so we can rescue many more dogs.


Please PayPal to email with the reference ‘shelter build’

We couldn’t do this without you. K-9 Angels are a UK registered charity which is run solely by volunteers none of whom draw a salary. All donations raised go towards improving and saving the lives of the dogs.

We can’t thank you enough for supporting us and in turn, saving the lives of thousands of dogs. Without you none of this would be possible. Together we really do make a difference. Thank you!

The Angels X X