September 2nd 2017 could only mean one thing! PUP AID!!!!


K- 9 Angels are proud sponsors of Pup Aid that’s now in its 7th year & the world’s biggest and most well known puppy farm awareness social event.

For the last 7 years Pup Aid has been held on the stunning Primrose Hill in London & K-9 Angels are so proud to have been able to witness the growth of this paramount campaign grow in size & momentum.

The event attracts people who already own a dog, those wanting to welcome a dog into their family and people who just love dogs as it’s so very rare to see so many dogs in just one place!

The founder of Pup Aid and TV vet Marc Abraham has got the balance just right. The puppy farming industry is something that not  many people are aware of and that’s why Pup Aid is so important, because if you can get celebrities to spread the word that puppies sold in pet shops are commonly infected with horrible kennel cough & life-threatening parvovirus then the masses will get the message and hopefully spread the word too and change the way they obtain a puppy.

It’s a beautiful and heart-warming day out with lots of fun dog classes such as ‘Golden oldie’ ‘dog most look like a celeb’ and ‘Child’s bestfriend’ plus many other fun classes but Pup Aid has a very serious message as it’s a campaign for better controls on licensing in the puppy trade.

Pup Aid is the brainchild of Marc the vet, who says:

”Just 7 years ago – when I admitted seven puppy-farmed puppies, all dying of parvovirus & connected to drips, into my emergency veterinary hospital I vowed that day to do something about it – but never dreamed that this would ever happen!”


Pup Aid is an awareness event to alert the public to the fact that puppy farming is a commercial mass production, basically battery farming, of puppies in horrific places driven by profit rather than welfare.

From beginning to end Pup Aid is such a heartwarming, fun & most importantly raises mass awareness for puppies breed on puppy farms.

Pup Aid was opened by Haatchi and Little B, which was a very special moment with this special duo. For those of you do not know, Haatchi the dog was deliberately tied to a train track and his back leg was ripped off, he staggered for 5 days like this until the RSPCA rescued him, then he was adopted by his wonderful family. Haatchi and Little B are now inseparable.

But the most beautiful and poignant parade had to be of the rescued ex-breeding bitches, beautiful dogs saved from an horrific, abusive existence on puppy farms. This parade was so emotional and is exactly what Pup Aid is all about, making sure puppy farms are a thing of the past.

The K-9 Angels love judging ‘Best rescue’ every year, this year along side Celebrities Sue Perkins (Great British Bake Off) Alice Beer (BBC Presenter) This was never going to be easy for us to judge this as to us all rescue dogs are winners, they are survivors, they are all top dogs.

Pup Aid raises much needed public awareness to highlight the cruelty of the UK’s puppy farming industry, i.e. the battery farming of dogs purely for profit. Unscrupulous ‘breeders’ keep thousands of breeding bitches in dark and harsh conditions to be endlessly mated, and mass produce an unlimited amount of puppies sold via pet shops, dealers and free newspaper adverts to unsuspecting new owners, unaware that these tiny new family additions are probably diseased and unsocialised. Pup Aid’s message is simply: If you want to welcome a new dog into your family then do your research first.

In order to stop puppy farming we must simply stop the demand. By raising awareness through events like Pup Aid and promoting rescue dog adoption and responsible breeding practices it has to end eventually.

Famous faces judging the fun doggy classes & spreading Pup Aid’s important message included Pup Aid patron Meg Matthews and her daughter Anais Gallager, Countdown’s Susie Dent, actor & animal campaigner Peter Egan, actor & author Sir Tony Robinson, comedian & presenter Sue Perkins, BBC presenter Alice Beer, singer Sinitta ,  reality TV’s Stephanie Pratt, Calum and Angie Best, Zara Holland, Jonny Mitchell, Jason Burril, model Ashley James plus many more. Let’s not forget too the K-9 Angels mascot ‘Angel’ who was very popular with small children, helping spread awareness to the very young.

Was this the best Pup Aid so far? Yes it was!

Can we wait for Pup Aid 2018?

No we can’t!

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Love, The Angels

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