Dear K-9 Angels Supporters,

This month has again had its ups and downs, but a huge up is the incredible amount we have managed to raise for our SHELTER appeal, so thankyou to all who have donated. We are tipping the scales at well over £9,400.

We have also had some wonderful donations for our DISTEMPER appeal, our ROBI and RALPH appeal, so thankyou again for everyone who has sent in loads of money for this.

Also this month we welcome our newest Romanian adoptions: Lizzie, Fluffy, Lucy, Sapphire, Tutzica, Shawna and Betty all of whom have gone to the most amazing homes. It has been a record month for adoptions and many more are booked to come over before the end of the year.

Please join The Angels on the 5th of December at our annual Christmas Party. Tickets are £30 each and worth every penny as the line up is phenomenal.

Please carry on supporting us this month and keep the donations coming in as the cold weather closes in.

Love, The Angels xxxxx


Shelter Appeal

Thankyou for everyone who has donated to this appeal. We are overwhelmed by the huge amounts we have had in. Sadly we are unable to thank everyone individually as there are so many donations, but, if everyone doesn’t mind, we would like to say a particular thanks to the following people:



Micki Archer, Michelle Baddeley and Claire Ratcliff for doing some amazing fundraising for the K-9 Angels last week and raising £450.00






Ann Hood and Jo Worrall Barnes, their sons, Buddy a Romanian rescue dog, and rescue greyhound Becky for raising £108.25








£300 RAISED by The Taylormade Warriors for completing THE TOUGH MUDDER for K-9 Angels (Tough Mudder events are hardcore 12 mile-long obstacle courses designed by the Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie)




Glen Parker and Kieran Parker for being our youngest K-9 Angels fundraisers ! Offering free range eggs from their own chickens at home in return for a donation to K-9 Angels.




Longtime supporter Jason Jaramillo for his amazing and whopping £1,500 donation to the shelter fund
Nick M for his generous £300 donation
Micki and Steve Archer for their incredibly generous £500 donation

Also we have a wonderful anonymous donor who has pledged to double everything people donated to the Shelter Fund up to the 31st of October. Thankyou so much for your undying generosity.


Welcome to new Team K-9 member Michelle Seaton

Big K-9 welcome to our newest team member Michelle Seaton who joins Claire Church, Mark Saltmarsh, Rebecca Smith and Jade Pepper on Team K-9.

Michelle is an extreme animal lover, strict vegan and campaigner. Most recently Michelle has been out on a trip to Romania in order to help strays and distemper puppies in the Bacau area. Michelle would like to come on board to do more fundraising and fostering for The K-9 Angels. Michelle is passionate, compassionate and always has a beautiful smile on her face. We are delighted that she is coming on board.


Distemper puppies, Ralph and Robi campaigns

We have been fundraising for the distemper puppies Michelle Seaton met during her trip out to Romania and are pleased to say that current donations are covering the vet bills coming in. Please still donate with REF: Distemper Puppies so we can carry on treating these pups.

Ralph the dog was brought to our attention when we found out that he had almost been killed by a vicious human being who attacked him and poured acid all over his ear neck and back in Romania. K-9 Angels agreed to sponsor him and thankyou again for all your kind donations flooding in for him. We can happily say that he is well on his way to a full recovery and will be fostered to the UK later this year. We will still be looking for a forever home for him so please do inbox or email us if you feel you can give lovely Ralph a home. He is small medium, loves to play and is affectionate. Donations for Ralph are warmly accepted with REF: RALPH

We have also been fundraising for Robi who is a dog who was abandoned in Romania with a flesh eating disease to his head, which turned out to be an infected eye duct which had turned into this disease. His eye had to be removed and some flesh cut away but he is now well on his way to a full recovery. Thankyou for donating and still please send donations REF: ROBI


K-9 Angels begin their educational tour

K-9 Angels would like to thank Edgware Junior School for inviting us to speak to children about animal rescue. The children were very eager to learn about the dog welfare and wanted to know everything about our three legged rescue dog Benjy who visited the school with us.

This is the beginning of K-9 Angels mission to educate the young people how to treat animals. All schools interested in having K-9 Angels please e-mail:


Dog adoptions in focus this month

A big welcome to:

Lizzie from Red Panda – adopted by Micki Archer

Fluffy from Alina Bulciu Bacau – adopted by Renee Binder

Lucy from Nobody’s Dogs Bucharest – adopted by Hilary Lewis

Sapphire – adopted by Steve Simmonette

Tutzica from Sperantu Craiova – adopted by Ayesha Wilson

Shawna from Madalina Nanu – adopted by Libby Greene

Betty from Madalina Nanu – adopted by Anna Williams

The K-9 Christmas Party with celebrity Wendy Turner Webster

Please join the K-9 Angels this December the 5th at our 2013 Christmas Party and Dinner co-hosted by the lovely Wendy Turner Webster.
£30 a ticket and every penny goes to the charity.

We are thankful to The Hideaway Club Streatham for putting on this event and we have some amazing acts including comedy acts, burlesque and singing acts.

A vegetarian meal is also included in the ticket price, so really worth the money.

You can order tickets by emailing: or calling: 07949 552645