Dear K-9 Angels Supporters,

October’s newsletter brings a mixture of sadness and cheer. An eventful past month which climaxed in the high court of Romania agreeing for the euthanasia law, where all state shelter dogs will be killed after 14 days. This has been heartbreaking considering the demonstrations happening all over the EU, London and also in Romania. Anyone who knows anything about euthanasia in Romania will know that the Romania Government do not prioritise funds for gentle euthanasia by anaesthetic so we are waiting with bated breath to the atrocities which might be unfolding later this month. We have already witnessed citizens taking to the streets random killing dogs by poisoning, anti freeze on bread, shooting, bricks to the head and decapitation. One lady’s actual dog on a leash was shot in the head also as she watched, a terror not seen this bad ever in Romania.

Sadly there are too many thousands of dogs to help all of them immediately, but each charity and rescue are doing amazing feats by all doing a part. If we all work together and save as many as each organisation can manage, then some lives will be saved from this awful fate.

K-9 Angels have orchestrated 20 full adoptions in one month alone and are in the process of rescuing many dogs daily from the streets. We don’t really feel that foster placements constitute to full adoptions, so we are only counting the full forever home placements we have secured, as sadly many foster dogs are often forgotten once they reach the safety of the UK and do not find homes for many many months. We are also tackling the issues on many other levels, on a political level with our online petition, with press which we were glad finally paid off when The Daily Express published a piece on the dreadful atrocities. We can’t say how frustrated we have been that none of the UK newspapers are interested in much more than re-quoting from the Romanian news, so when The Express worked alongside us to get more of the truthful story out there, we were happy and grateful.

Also one of our biggest projects is our fundraising to build a large K-9 Angels shelter in Romania to accommodate 60 dogs which we will oversee through to adoption. This will help provide a safe haven for rescuers to place dogs in immediate danger that are unable to cross to a safe home due to lack of home placements and transport vans being fully booked to breaking point.

On a happier note, we welcome several dogs to the UK this month – Rita, Blacky, Mummy and Coffee in particular. Please read ahead about their stories and all our other news features this month including K-9 Angels Star behaviourist Rachel Trafford’s advice for your dog’s safety around fireworks.

Please carry on supporting our hard work and carry on supporting our projects.

Anneka, Pola and Victoria



Demo at Romanian Embassy

The K-9 Angels Team met with other supporters from other charities on the 27th of September to join in solidarity about the looming change in the law to euthanize dogs in state shelters throughout Romania. Despite the amazing turnout, which included famous animal loving actor Peter Egan, the Romanian Government still voted in favour of euthanasia and we have since been told that methods are to be included such as gassing, clubbing and shooting to the head which apparently are totally legal in Romania to use on dogs. We have also been told that a ‘pest control’ company might be taking over the section of government in charge of dog control later next year – this alone can only spell disaster for these poor stray who wouldn’t be in such  terrible position to start with if it wasn’t for the Romanian Government not setting monies aside for neutering schemes.

We are deeply saddened, there were protests all over Europe and also Romania against this law, yet still they use the death of a four year old child in Romania as an excuse to kill all the strays, despite emerging evidence suggesting that the child was killed in an illegal dog fighting ring. Once we have clearer findings, we will release them on our websites.






Welcome to this month’s K-9 adoptions

Rita: as she was found, and as she is now

Rita was found in an emaciated condition and her photo was passed almost virally around Facebook as everyone couldn’t believe this ‘skeleton’ was alive still. K-9 Angel’s donations helped raise money for her intensive treatment needed to provide a full recovery for this sickeningly thin dog. Blacky was helped alongside Rita and both are now arrived in the UK living in wonderful rural locations: Wales and Scotland.






Coffee in Romania

The K-9 Angels saw Coffee lying in a vets in Romania during our trip out earlier in April. Coffee had been handed in to a vet as he had been run over. The vet informed us that unless a home could be found that Coffee might end up having to go back on the street once he was all fixed up. We instantly took him on and he arrived to a wonderful home just this week and we are told is an absolute joy to the household and is using his leg very well.



Mummy arrived to another wonderful Scottish home. If anyone doesn’t remember Mummy and pups, she was the poor dog being pushed out into the main road with her babies by petrol station staff during our visit to Romania. Described as ‘deadly vicious’ by the petrol staff, we picked up the lovely and extremely affectionate Mummy and carried her off to a safe haven shelter along with her 3 pups. We are still seeking homes for these three babies who are now around 6 months old, so please drop by our website.



Angelo was found living on the streets with a bad skin condition he virtually leapt into the arms of his rescuer begging to be saved. We saw his pictures posted and cries of help so offered to fund his skin treatment and help find him a home. Our Trustee Rebecca offered to Foster him to continue his treatment & to look at getting him neutered as the vet in Romania was unable to do the procedure on such a small dog. He arrived on the same transport as Rita and was collected by Rebecca from Dover. He has settled so well with Rebecca and her other dogs Zoë, also from Romania, and older dog Jingle that she has decided to give him a forever home. He was also successfully neutered and had some stubborn baby teeth removed. Rebecca said, “He is just such a character, we had a very unsettled first few days attached to my leg (literally) but he now seems confident & happy and just wants to be loved.”



K-9 Angels’ Romanian Shelter Appeal

The proposed plot of land

In response to recent events in Romania and the change in the law which allows all strays to be killed after 14 days, K-9 Angels are working in partnership with trusted local rescuers to build a shelter in Romania. A safe haven, where these abused and battered dogs will be cared for until a loving home can be found for them. The shelter will be able to accommodate up to 60 dogs initially, with the significant possibility of increasing those numbers in the future.

The layout plan (click to view full size)














Raised £2,650 towards the £11,000 target.THE COST OF THE PROJECT WILL BE £11,000. In addition to this amount, we would also like to raise enough funds to provide an animal ambulance, however our priority is to complete the shelter first.

We need donations in order to fund the shelter build. Every £1 and Euro will help, no donation will be too small !

The K-9 Angels are delighted to announce that we have reached £2650 in donations after an anonymous donor sent us a huge £1500 donation, in order for us to be able to purchase the piece of land. Thankyou so much to this person who we have thanked in private.

Now we need to raise an additional £8000 so we can buy all the materials needed to create the shelters and outbuildings, so please, please send in more money and help us save the lives of many more Romanian dogs by getting them off the dangerous streets and away from the dog catchers.

Please visit our ‘donate‘ page on our website, to make your donation via Paypal or by direct bank transfer. Please remember to mention the words ‘SHELTER APPEAL’ as a reference with your donation.


Welcome our new K-9 Angel

The K-9 Angels would like to formally welcome & introduce our newest member of the K-9 team, Claire Church. We found Claire when she came to us asking to adopt the neediest street dog we knew of at the time, we suggested Sara to her and once we had met Claire and her family we knew we had stumbled upon an incredible woman backed up by an incredible family. Claire is a brilliant, clever and compassionate team member and we love her to bits.




K-9 in the News

If anyone hasn’t had a chance to read the Daily Express piece, you can click through on this link:


Calendar girl Lara!

Also we have had some other great feel-good stories this month such as K-9 Angel Dog Lara being selected for a doggy calendar. Congratulations to the beautiful and photogenic Lara who proves stray dogs are equally beautiful to all the full breed dogs.






The K-9 Angels were also invited to attend The Hope 4 Apes Fundraising Dinner in London in support of this worthy cause. As well as supporting this extremely desperate cause where the gorilla and many other species of monkey are on the verge of extinction, The Angels were able to explain to many people about the atrocities happening in Romania, in particular to Sir David Attenborough, Ian Redmond and Born Free friends Virginia McKenna and Will Travers.




Fireworks Night is looming

K-9 Behaviourist Rachel Trafford gives some great advice to help soothe the fear that dogs often experience during this scary time.

Do you dread November 5th or in fact the weeks before and after, and New Year, and whenever else anyone feels the need to make a lot of noise? Do you look out for the thunder symbol on the weather forecast? And plan your social life around it? You are not alone.

The firework season is going to be upon us very soon, and with it some very anxious dogs and owners, scrambling around creating make-shift hiding places, and trying to drown out the noises with load music or the TV on full blast, it invariably happens on a weekend when the vets are closed, and whatever the tablet of choice was is now an empty box.

In the past you may have tried the recordings of fireworks and thunderstorms and found that they do not help you. The reasons for this is varied, however common mistakes are: often we try to go too fast for the dog, having it on too loud at first or too quickly trying to progress through the volume levels, also without using counter conditioning alongside it reducing the effectiveness, the reality is that in fact some dogs are able to distinguish the difference between real fireworks/thunder and the recordings. It is well worth choosing a good quality recording.

If it is too late and you need to make your dog safe;

If you pet is behaving like this you need to do what you can to help them to feel safe.

  • They must be indoors, secure all doors and windows so they can’t escape.
  • Provide a den, cover the indoor create with a blanket to create a safe haven.
  • The table may be an ideal place instead of a crate. Drape some blankets over it and put the pets bed under it. Or under the stairs.
  • Give them a stuffed Kong to lick. Licking and chewing is a stress relief. They will not want it if they are too frightened.
  • Don’t shut the door of the crate, the dog needs to feel he/she can escape if they want to, and they may prefer another area in the house.
  • If they want to go under the bed or table let them don’t try to get them out.
  • Some pets like to go in the bathroom. This is because the noise is less in there because there is a only a small window. We might not think it makes a difference but remember dogs hearing is finer than ours they can hear the difference.
  • Provide fresh water near to where the pet is hiding. Dog’s pant a lot when they stressed and need extra water.
  • Turn the television or radio up loud to try and drown out some of the noise.
  • Don’t leave them alone in the house.
  • Draw the curtains to shut out the flashes or light. Leave the light on in the room.

Other ways to help-

  • Exercise your dog early while it is still light.
  • Make sure your dog is wearing a collar with your name and address on it. The telephone number is good too.
  • Get your pet micro chipped, pets that escape from the house can easily become lost in their panic.
  • Your pet may be too frightened to got out in the garden the next morning. don’t force him/her to go out allow them to go in their own time.
  • Stress hormones can remain in the dog system for days so keep your dog on the lead during walks until you are sure your dog has recovered.
  • Contact your vet if you are at all worried about your pet’s behavior or if he/she is taking a long time to recover for the fireworks night.