Recently even more dogs and some cats were spayed and neutered at K-9 Angels/ Betalands Vet facility.

Aurelia, our charity partner and manager and owner of Betalands shelter managed to neuter 23 dogs in one day and the very next day 25 dogs more.


Aurelia says: “Everything went very well. We managed to grasp in our program the 5 dogs from the poor family that we have been trying to help for some time. We sterilized a few dogs from poor communities on the outskirts of Craiova. Other dogs from streets of the neighbourhood as well, and of course our cat Sky.”

“Without your help we would not have succeeded. Our action today will save hundreds of puppies that would be born with no chance for  a decent life.”


Aurelia continues:

“We are so grateful to wonderful K- 9 Angels team and donors.”

“Thanks also to two wonderful ladies Gabriela Ungureanu and Virgi Bratu that helped with the action.”

“Thanks to our vets Safta Doru, Daniel Marcu and Diana Marinescu Diana.”

“Many lives prevented from suffering with a simple operation costing just 25 euros and taking just 20 minutes to perform. ”

“Thank you to ALL who donated!”