marie & harry

Beautiful Harry was found with an injured leg, limping on the side of the road by Aurelia, who had stopped to give him food and see if she could get him in the car, but he ran away with the food.

The next day she went back with a crate and gave him food to lure him in but he took the food again and ran off with it. She followed him and he was taking the food to his friend that he lived with who was badly injured and could not walk. She got both into her car and took them to the vet’s. His friend was too sick to save & had maggots in his wounds, sadly he didn’t make it but Harry, who had been such a devoted friend, fortunately made it.


Harry had been in foster for 2 years, and was then adopted by the wonderful Marie Higgins after falling in love with his photos. Harry now lives happily with Marie & her other K-9 Angels rescue boy Dennis & her other dog Lola.

Have an amazing life Harry!