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This e-magazine is the official publication for the charitable company, the K-9 Angels.  It is updated with all the news, pictures and follows ups on everything Anneka Svenska, Victoria Eisermann and POLA achieve as the K-9 Angels .  It serves as both a celebration of the progress being made and as a sobering reminder of the work still left to be done.  Full of worthwhile and productive content, the aim is to raise the profile of the K-9 Angels, the work they do, and their success rate as they do it.

Jade Pepper, Editor and Senior Writer

Jade specialises in animal rights and welfare issues, and reports on animal atrocities from around the world.  She joined the team to launch this magazine, and nearly all of the content here is written and researched by her.

Her early twenties were spent travelling the globe whilst working as a professional sailor. It wasn’t unusual for her Moped to double up as an animal ambulance to transport any random, needy animal she might find to a Vet.  She eventually returned to the UK and after a spell as a Vet nurse, and after gaining a First Class degree in English Literature and Professional & Creative Writing, it wasn’t long before she decided to focus on bringing the animal tragedies she witnessed around the world out into the open via journalism.

Mark Saltmarsh, Software Engineer/Web Designer

Mark is a talented web designer who designs and develops software through his company, Marstec Designs.  He designed and built The Stray Today, and he oversees all the technical stuff for this site, coming to the rescue every time the ‘computer says no’.

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